• My PC/Mac cannot detect my ELMO document camera/visualiser. What should I do ?

    In general, there is a possibility to recover the USB connection by unplugging the USB cable and plugging it again.

    Please check the device manager of your PC/Mac/Chromebook if ELMO is shown in the list.

    In case of L12iD, L-12W, MA-1 and MO-2, before connecting by USB, please connect with a display system by HDMI or VGA, go to the setting menu and set ""USB Camera"" enable.

    In case of L-12F, before connecting by USB, please connect with a display system by HDMI or VGA and select the region.

    In case of P100HD, P30HD, P10HD, PX30E, PX30, PX10E, PX10 and L12F, if you are a Mac user, your Mac may not be able to detect your ELMO, because of technical compatibility issue that is reported in the market. Please contact us for further information.

  • Can I use my ELMO with video conference application like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, Google Meet and so on?

    Yes in general.

    Please plug your ELMO with your PC/Mac by USB. Video conference app can detect your ELMO as an USB camera. You can show any objects to participants by using the screen sharing function of video conference app with your ELMO.

    Some of those conference app has a function to use your ELMO as the 2nd camera in addition to your built-in camera, that allows you to use 2 cameras at the same time.

  • Do I need a licese key to activate ELMO Interactive Toolbox software ?

    No lisence keys required in the latest version of ELMO Interactive Toolbox for Windows or Mac. Please download it and try.


  • I cannot see my ELMO in the list of menu in Image Mate + C.

    Please unlock the camera by right-clicking this camera icon.


  • Do I need any software when using my ELMO document camera/visualiser with my Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook?

    No in general, becuase all ELMO document cameras /visualisers are UVC (USB Video Class) complient. Therefore most of Windows PC, Mac and Chrome book can detect your ELMO as an USB camera without any special software required.

    However, to maximize the benefit of ELMO, we recommend our oroginal software. Pleaser refer to ; https://elmoeurope.com/index.php/en/remote-learning

  • Can I use ELMO Visualiser for audio recording?

    Yes you can.

    ELMO L12F, L12W, MA1, MO2, MXP2 and OX1 have built-in microphone respectively. This specification varies by model as follows. ELMO L12F/ L12W /MA1/ MO2 : Audio recording is possible only to SD or USB memory of main unit. ELMO MXP2 / OX1 : Audio recording is possible directly to PC/Mac.

  • My MXP2 or OX1 cannot record audio by its built-in microphone. How to activate its built-in microphone?

    Regarding OX1, its built-in microphone is always ON when you plug it to PC/Mac. Please check the control panel of Windows/Mac and find the menu to set up microphone. If you see OX1 from the list of microphones, please select OX1. If you cannot see OX1 in the list of microphone, please restart the PC/Mac or exchange USB cable (if you have a spare).

    Regarding MXP2, the factory preset of built-in microphone is OFF. To activate, please press 2 keys (No.3 and No.6) at the same time for 2 seconds. This is described on the page 11 of the instruction manual.

  • My PC/Mac/Chrombook doesn’t recognize my ELMO L12W/MA1/MO2.

    Please go to setting menu of your ELMO (L12W/MA1/MO2) and set up USB camera ”enable”.

    In case of L12W and MO2, please connect first with a display system by HDMI or RGB cable, before connecting with PC/Mac/Chromebook, in order to go to setting menu.

  • „EZT“ does not start?

    As a response to the discovery of a serious vulnerability in the backend from Zoom, on August 6, 2022, Zoom announced that Zoom would end support for older versions of Zoom clients.


    Our EZT is also affected by this, and if you use an EZT app older than Version 2.4.0, EZT may not be able to used. A new version is already released. By updating from ELMO Play of each device, EZT can be used for meetings.

    Relevant models: ELMO Board R2, Huddle Space HS-2, ELMO MA-1, ELMO MO-2 und ELMO L-12W.

    Updating method: Please update EZT from ELMO PLAY of each device. Some functions will be deleted but meeting function is available nonetheless.




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