• CRB-1 Pen
CRB 1 Top

PC-free, interactive presentations

ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen

  Interactive presentations with or without PC

  Annotations on live images or on whiteboard

  Write on any screen like on a blackboard

  Easy control of ELMO visualisers

  Easy to set-up

  Control your PC like you would with a mouse, but directly on the screen

  ELMO Interactive Toolbox Software (EIT) included

  2 years warranty


Spaß beim Verstehen

ELMO’s mobile IWB

The CRB-1 interactive pen is the first PC-free IWB system, that enables you to write directly on a screen or LCD display. However, you can also combine the CRB-1 with your computer. With ease, you can turn your screen into a mobile IWB. It weights only 140 g and can be used in nearly every surrounding.


There are two ways, to use the CRB - 1

Direkt am ELMO

Directly with the ELMO

  • annotate and draw onto ELMO’s live images without a computer
  • write directly on your display or projection
  • Best for annotations on 3D objects
  • Whiteboard mode
  • Store all annotations as JPEG files on SD memory card
  • Comfortable control of all important ELMO functions

In combination with a PC

  • Control your PC by touching the projection screen or monitor with the interactive pen
  • The ELMO software EIT allows annotations on live images and various other backgrounds
  • Versatile additional functions like adding pictures and notes, recording and annotating videos and much more!


ELMO CRB-1 The Digital Pen for ELMO Visualiser (Document Camera) - replacement for a whiteboard


ELMO CRB-1 key facts


Interactive Pen: 152 x 25 mm, 34 g
Sensor bar: 227 x 43 x 11 mm, 75 g
Wireless sender:   53 x 44 x 25 mm, 26 g
ELMO Interactive Toolbox:    Windows, Mac OS X

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