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For collaborative working and learning

ELMO Huddle Space

  8 x HDMI input

  Direct output to a projector or display via VGA, HDMI or HDBaseT

  Seamless switching between the input devices

  Built-in microphone

  Screenshots and video recording with audio

  No software needed

  2 different versions available - Huddle GS3 is discontinued

  2 years warranty

Work together effectively

With the ELMO Huddle Space you can connect up to eight input devices simultaneously to one display or projector. By pushing just one button you can seamlessly switch from one device to another to broadcast its screen. An atmosphere for effective work collaboration arises where content is shared and discussed.

A very useful feature is the recording function. If you wish your meeting is recorded on SD memory card as video with audio. This way, you can share the meeting with others, replay or keep it for future reference. This makes the Huddle Space an interesting tool for small learning groups.

ELMO created a wired solution to insure a high combability and to abandon any software. A further plus of the wired solution is the parallel use of Huddle Space and wireless access to the internet.

  • Choose your Huddle Space – technical details

    3 versions available

     interfaces:   HS-G1 HS-G2 HS-G3
    Model is discontinued
     input    HDMI (8times) yes yes yes
     Mic in no yes yes
     DC in yes yes yes
     output          HDMI yes yes yes
     VGA ja yes yes
     HDBaseT no no yes
     USB (Type B) to access the SD-memory card via computer no yes yes
     Audio no yes yes
     DC out 5V (USB Type A) yes yes yes
     DC in yes yes yes
     slot for SD-memory caard yes yes yes
     mikrophone  to record audio yes yes yes
     remote control  to control the unit no yes yes
     record   screenshots no yes yes
     videos yes yes yes

ELMO Huddle Space key facts

8 HDMI input terminals and recording screenshots and videos with audio on SD-memory card
output terminals: VGA, HDMI, HDBaseT
Accessory: battery pack for all three models available


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